Tsukimichi – Moonlit Fantasy Manga

Tsukimichi – Moonlit Fantasy Manga

Tsukimichi – Moonlit Fantasy Manga Info :

Tsukimichi - Moonlit Fantasy,Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
,manga,Tsukimichi - Moonlit Fantasy manga,Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Characters:

Main Characters:

Makoto MISUMIArcher, Athlete, Darkness Powers, Earth Powers, Elemental Powers, Fire Powers, Hair Antenna, Healing Powers, High School Student, Ice Powers, Lightning Powers, Magic User, Masks, Person in a Strange World, Psychic Powers, Teenager, Water Powers
MioBig Eater, Darkness Powers, Elemental Powers, Exotic Eyes, Gloves, Headband, Human Guise, Magic User, Masochistic, Monster, Psychic Powers, Ruthless, Spider
TomoeDragon, Elemental Powers, Human Guise, Magic User, Ponytail, Psychic Powers, Samurai, Scarf, Sword Fighter, Water Powers

Secondary Characters:

EmaBraids, Elemental Powers, Fire Powers, Healing Powers, Magic User, Monster, Orc
HazalAlchemist, Clumsy, Earth Powers, Elemental Powers, Hair Antenna, Healing Powers, Magic User, Water Powers
Hibiki OTONASHIArmor, High School Student, Person in a Strange World, Sword Fighter, Teenager
Lily Front GRITONIAElemental Powers, Fire Powers, Gloves, Magic User, Manipulative, Royalty, Ruthless
LuisaArcher, Braids, Choker, Elf, Pointy Ears, Ponytail
MorrisButler, Closed Eyes, Facial Hair, Gloves, Hair Ribbons, Monocle, Ponytail
Patrick REMBRANDTAdult, Company President, Facial Hair, Wealthy
RaninaArmor, Axe Wielder, Dark-skinned, Dwarf, Gloves, Heavy Drinker, Muscular, Oversized Weapon, Pigtails, Pointy Ears
ShikiEarth Powers, Elemental Powers, Healing Powers, Human Guise, Magic User, Ponytail, Skeleton, Undead, Wind Powers
ToaDual Wielder, Gloves, Knife Fighter, Ponytail, Teenager, Thief
Tomoki IWAHASHIArmor, Helmet, Heterochromia, Lancer, Magic User, Middle School Student, Person in a Strange World, Selfish, Teenager

Minor Characters:

AdonouDark-skinned, Monster
AgaresArmor, Axe Wielder, Braids, Face Markings, Magic User, Monster, Orc
AkinaHuman Guise, Monster, Shapeshifter
Albelt GRITONIARoyalty
Alec DEEDArmor, Demon, Horns, Military
AquaArcher, Dark-skinned, Gloves, Monster
Belda Norst LIMIAArmor, Cape, Circlet, Knight, Royalty, Shield Wielder, Sword Fighter
BerenAxe Wielder, Blacksmith, Dwarf, Epic Eyebrows, Facial Hair, Gloves, Goggles, Pointy Ears
CachinoArmor, Lancer, Monster, Orc
Cass TORTAdult, Hair Buns, Person in a Strange World
Chiya HAZUKIHair Antenna, Healing Powers, Magic User, Ponytail
CitrusBlinding Bangs, Elemental Powers, Fire Powers, Magic User, Teleportation Powers
DerekArmor, Gloves, Knife Fighter
ElaineBraids, Femme Fatale, Hot-Headed, Ponytail, Ruthless, Selfish, Sword Fighter
EldoBlacksmith, Breathtaking Beard, Cane, Dwarf, Epic Eyebrows, Facial Hair, Magnificent Mustache, Mole, Pointy Ears, Ponytail
EleorlAdult, Company President, Hair Drills, Hair Ribbons
Ema’s FatherMonster, Orc
ErisDark-skinned, Elemental Powers, Gloves, Hair Antenna, Ice Powers, Magic User, Monster, Stoic
EtoAnimal Ears, Bandages, Barefoot, Ponytail, Tail
Genichi ISHIDOAdult, Dark-skinned, Facial Hair, Sword Fighter
GoddessBig Ego, Braids, Cruel, Deity, Rapunzel Hair
Guinevere SHLESHAArmor, Knight, Shield Wielder
HarunaDual Wielder, Hair Ribbons, Human Guise, Monster, Pigtails, Shapeshifter, Sword Fighter
HayatoMonster, Orc
Hayato MISUMIAdult, Hair Antenna, Person in a Strange World, Writer
HokutoHair Ribbons, Human Guise, Monster, Ponytail, Shapeshifter
HorunMagical Familiar, Shapeshifter, Wolf
HyoudouArcher, Athlete, Closed Eyes, High School Student, Teenager
IoBald, Cape, Giant, Half-Breed, Military, No Eyebrows
Kazusa MOKURENBlinding Bangs, Half-Breed, Military
KomoeHair Ribbons, Ponytail, Small Stature
LancerCape, Dragon, Human Guise
LiddyArmor, Elemental Powers, Magic User, Monster, Reptile, Shield Wielder, Sword Fighter, Wind Powers
Lily’s FatherBraids, Crown, Facial Hair, Royalty
Lily’s MotherRoyalty
Lime LATTESword Fighter
Lisa REMBRANDTAdult, Braids, Wealthy
Luria AENSLANDHeadband, Waiter
Masamune IBUKIArcher, Athlete, High School Student, Teenager, Wealthy
Merchant’s Guild Receptionist
Mills ACEGloves, Hat
MinatoGlasses, Human Guise, Monster, Ponytail, Shapeshifter
MitoMagic User, Monster, Orc, Pigtails
MondoBandages, Dark-skinned, Facial Hair, Magic User, Monster, Smoker
MoraChild, Hair Ribbons, Magic User, Monster Tamer, Orphan, Pigtails, Summoners
NagiDragon, Tail, Wings
Natsu MUNAKATAAdult, Archer, Hair Ribbons, Ponytail, Scar
Navarre POLARCape, Circlet, Dark-skinned, Gloves, Mercenary, Scar, Sword Fighter
NilgistryCirclet, Dark-skinned, Facial Hair, Monster, Ponytail
Nukumi HASEGAWAArcher, Athlete, Hair Ribbons, High School Student, Ponytail, Teenager
ReceptionistGloves, Hair Ribbons, Ponytail
ReftDemon, Military, No Eyebrows
RejinArmor, Facial Hair, Knight, Ponytail
RinonBandages, Child, Ponytail
RonaDark-skinned, Demon, Elemental Powers, Ice Powers, Magic User, Military, Ruthless
RuguiBreathtaking Beard, Dwarf, Facial Hair, Hair Antenna, Monocle, Pointy Ears, Ponytail
Shadow TailMonster, Pointy Ears, Poison User, Sharp Teeth, Tail
ShamanMagic User, Manipulative, Ponytail, Vengeful
Sofia BULGAArmor, Blinding Bangs, Bloodthirsty, Elemental Powers, Gloves, Half-Breed, Oversized Weapon, Sword Fighter, Wind Powers
Tomoe’s OffshootBandages, Elemental Powers, Hair Ribbons, Magic User, Ponytail, Small Stature, Water Powers
TsukuyomiDeity, Rapunzel Hair
Two-Headed DemonDemon, Dog, Sharp Teeth
Woody BAILAElemental Powers, Hair Antenna, Ice Powers, Magic User, Piercings, Ponytail, Wind Powers
Younger ReceptionistAnimal Ears, Gloves, Pigtails
Yukari AZUMAArcher, Athlete, Club President, High School Student, Teenager
Yukiko MISUMIAdult, Glasses, University Student
Yukinatsu KAZUSAAlchemist, Glasses, Gloves, Pigtails
ZefDemon, Demon King, Facial Hair, Horns, Royalty

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